Intellectual output development

Robotikos mokykla (School of Robotics) and other three partners are developing project’s intellectual output as part of the European Commission Erasmus + Key Action 2 Strategic Partnerships project “How to Raise an Inventor. Technology and Engineering Learning Material for Schools”.

The “Build an Arm Wrestling Robot” module for 3D modeling and typing training uses Autodesk Fusion 360 software. The module will consist of 12 lessons in 45 minutes divided into two tasks (6 objects are designed during the module). The teaching material consists of two parts: slides for the pupil and methodological material for the teacher.

On June 6th, to receive an interim evaluation of the material, pilot classes were organized at Kaunas University of Technology engineering Lyceum. During the Creative / Design / Research Week workshops, four groups of 15 students completed tasks from a part of the 3D curriculum already created.

Intermediate testing of the training material allowed the assessment of the material’s suitability for seventh grade students, provided information on areas for correction in the student slides and clarified the needs for the remainder of the module lesson (projects).

Three other modules are being developed under the responsibility of KTU Engineering Lyceum, Fundacja ECD (Poland) and DevLab (Netherlands). Intellictual output development will be completed by August 1st. The created modules will be placed on

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