Intellectual output testing phase complete

An important phase in the project HOW TO RAISE AN INVENTOR – Testing an Intelligent output in Partner Schools – is complete. Starting in 2018 In October 2008, three schools in Lithuania, Latvia and the Netherlands taught the target group students STEAM based project material.

Testing in Lithuania took place at Kaunas University of Technology Engineering Lyceum. Four teachers participated in the test who became familiar with the project methodological material in September 2018 during the international training event in Kaunas. The training took place for 46 seventh graders and seven sixth graders. Project modules are laid out during an elective engineering course.

In Latvia, the teaching materials were tested by two teachers with different age groups: seven seventh grade pupils and twelve pupils in grades 10-12. The classes were held after class as a technological circle.

At the Signum de Haren Elementary School, the tests were conducted by two primary school teachers and their assistant. 29 eighth graders (ages 11-13) learned to design and program from partner-produced training materials once a week.

Before and after the test period, students completed questionnaires about their attitudes and abilities in STEAM. The survey data, supplemented by focus group discussion summaries, will be analyzed and recommendations for the use of the intellectual product will be made.

Students will demonstrate and apply this knowledge on June 18-22, 2019, during an international project training event for students in Eindhoven (the Netherlands).

Below are some fotos from the event.

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