Final project event in the Netherlands

On June 18-22, the closing event of the project took place in Eindhoven (Netherlands), bringing together project team members and students from all the partner countries. The main goal of the event was to evaluate the students’ knowledge and skills after the intellectual product testing in 2018-2019.

Students from Lithuania, Latvia and the Netherlands, divided into teams, created Goldberg machines – mechanical compositions in which a metal ball has to go through an incredibly complex and lengthy conveyor of action and machinery. They had access to all the tools available in the workshop and applied the programming knowledge acquired during the project. Kids designed their models using Lego robots and Microbit computers, with 3D printed details. Each team had to ensure that the ball in their model passes successfully all the way to the model created by the other team. The children created their models enthusiastically, learned how to implement an engineering project from idea to result, and were looking forward to the overall success of the chain reaction.

During the leisure program, participants had the opportunity to interact with peers from other countries, relax while learning to dance and try their hand at the Microbit escape room.

While the students were developing their models, the project management team and, as far as possible, the teachers, summarized the testing period, familiarized themselves with the initial results of the student survey, and made decisions on the final phase of the project and the final report.

The dissemination event, which took place on one of the meeting days, provided the Dutch STEAM community with an overview of the project results. During the event, each of the partner organizations had a stand created for their participation in the project, an intellectual product created. During the event there was time for communication at the stands, networking and presenting the results.

The DevLab organization, which hosted the event, also involved more Dutch schools and associate partners in Goldberg’s machine development, bringing their entire lineup to the dissemination event. The ball, to the admiration of creators and viewers, has successfully beaten it all the way!

On the same day, workshops were held for each of the four modules. The guests of the event were able to get to know each module in more detail and talk to their creators.

The last day of the visit was a cultural-educational program in Amsterdam. The participants visited the Nemo Science Museum.

This was the last joint meeting of the entire project team.

You can find the video from the multiplier event here.

Below are some fotos from the event.

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